Lance Bachmann and Donates to Charitable Business Startup for One of Our Own


Nothing should satisfy a business owner more than seeing one of his or her own employees strive to make a bigger difference in the world. We have many unique, talented personalities here at the 1SEO office, many of which have helped our company grow to new heights. Many will stay, and eventually, some will go on to achieve different personal goals. One person I would like to highlight in this blog is Carlos Javier Rodriguez.

Not only does Carlos work hard while at our office, but in his downtime, he is grinding to make his dreams come true. Recently, Carlos set out on a new path in life to bring piano lessons and music to underprivileged youth who cannot afford the gifts that music brings.

I, along with the entire 1SEO staff, am very proud of Carlos and the hard work he is putting into achieving his dreams, which is why we made a charitable donation to fund his startup. We hope that with our donation, and with your help, Carlos can set out to do what he was born to do: spread the joy of music!

Would you like to watch Carlos receive his donation? Please check out our video at:

If you want to help Carlos with his campaign, you can find out how to help him and his team, teach aspiring pianists & producers how to play the piano by ear by visiting his IndiGogo fundraiser at: Please take a few minutes to read about Carlos’ story and help out anyway you can! Whether you have twenty dollars, ten dollars, or even one dollar, please spare it for a great cause! You can also share it on your social media so friends can contribute as well.

Who Exactly is Carlos Rodriguez?

The young entrepreneur and pianist from Cidra, Puerto Rico, is the founder of his start-up company called, “Javier Melodico.” Three things led him to conquer the struggle of learning the musical process, without having any resources to help him out. Ambition. Perseverance. Determination. These are three things that any successful entrepreneur must have to achieve his goals.

Please visit his Indigogo campaign to read about his story. Find out why he is coming out with instructional courses. Find out where he will take his company in the future. Read about why he believes in this project and why you should too.

I encourage all young entrepreneurs to follow in Carlos’ footsteps in making your dreams come true.

Want to connect with Carlos and Javier Melodico on social media? Check out:




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