Now that Halloween has come and gone, my family and I, Lance Bachmann are gearing up for the upcoming holidays. As a tradition in my family, the spooky and scary decorations come down and the festive cheerful Holiday decorations go up. I love Thanksgiving just as much as the next person, sitting around with the entire family eating and watching football while the kids play. The only problem with Thanksgiving is that it’s hard to decorate the house for it.

Instead of turkeys and other fall related themes, we decided to go all out for Christmas and turn our yard into a winter wonderland of sorts. There’s no limits when it comes to making my children happy, especially when it comes to my youngest son LJ. This Christmas will be his first real experience with Santa along with all the other wonderful characters that come along with him. This is why I wanted to go extra big this year, pulling out all the stops with not only thousands of lights around the house but also covering as much as my front yard as possible with holiday characters. The newest addition this year so far is a 20 foot Nutcracker standing at the beginning of our walk way to greet all our friends and family as they visit for the holidays.

The best part about setting up everything the day after Halloween is LJ has more time to take in everything this time of year has to offer. With Emily and myself at his side, we walked him through the maze of Christmas spirit together. Seeing his amazement and happiness that each new decoration brings to his face is worth every hour spent out in the cold setting it up.

With the first weekend of decorating down and by the look on my sons face I can honestly say there will be more decorating with the weekends to come.