There is a lot already going on in the month of September, and what better way to start off the fall season than being presented with another prestigious award?

I, Lance Bachmann, and my wonderful team here at have won the 2014 The Interactive Media Awards™ Outstanding Achievement Award.

I’ll let the excitement simmer down a bit before I continue.

Are you done cheering yet?

How Did We “Educate, Engage and Like” Our Way to the Top?

“Educate, Engage and Like!” is a competition that awards companies who have excelled in several criteria (content, design, usability, functionality and standards compliance) within their respected industry. was recognized by IMA as a company that has exceeded in each of these criteria and has continued to rise above the completion in our respective industry. Through the Facebook page, audience members enjoy industry news and entertainment. This combination keeps everyone who visits our page excited and compelled to come back for more!

As winners of the Outstanding Achievement Award, my team has exemplified high standards in planning, executing and overall professionalism. By working together, we are able to obtain a reputation of success.

Look, I am proud of my team, but we have been winning awards like this for over 5 years! If you engage with us on Facebook or visit our website, you will find a list of other great awards we have compiled through the years. We look forward to being the leading digital agency for years to come and you bet on our name being called at award shows for a long time!