There is no doubt about it, having effective communication skills are certainly valuable in the workplace.  Having this is also what I, Lance Bachmann, looked for when I interviewed all of my current employees.  After all, what use is someone that is unable to communicate to others in the office, or effectively with their clients?  Well, there is no use for them at all because what is one thing that is the catalyst for a long-lasting business relationship—good communication!

Effective Communication Is Key To Maintain Positive Employee To Employee Relationships

Not only do I firmly believe that good communication skills lead to successful relationships with clients, but I also believe that it will also lead to less drama in the workplace, less confusion, and better productivity in a work environment.

Good communication is also important when you have a team environment—much like we do here at my company,  I have told my employees—time and time again—that if they talk to one another politely, there will be less tension in the office.  Plus, if certain employees refuse to talk to one another because they disagreed about something—what’s to say that the issue is ever going to get resolved?  Therefore, be adults when you come to work, maintain the professionalism that your boss expected of you when he or she agreed to hire you.  If he or she finds that you acted a certain way in the interview just to get the job, and then turn into a completely different person once you settle into the position, expect that there may be some problems.

In all, it’s so important to have effective communication in the workplace because it will enable everyone to trust one another.  Don’t establish a work environment that is “cold” and where people are constantly second guessing one another—this only leads to bigger problems in the long run.