We hear it all the time. As the year comes to an end, many businesses re-budget themselves, and put one priority in front of another. The next thing we know, their internet marketing plans are no longer, and they cancel their services. We get it. Sometimes it’s not in the budget.

One thing you should know though. While you’re restructuring your marketing efforts and canceling your internet marketing, you’re losing the value that your website has gained. No matter what line of business you’re in, you have competition. There are other companies out there that offer the same exact services you do, sometimes better, sometimes not. But, if you scale back and re-prioritize your 2015 spending budget, and that doesn’t include internet marketing, your competition is going to steal your leads and clients.

Think of it this way. Your company is called Joe’s Catering. Your internet marketing has been great, you’re getting plenty of leads from Adwords, traffic is incredible from organic results, and the calls are pouring in. Your leading competitor, Joan’s Catering is neck and neck with you in the rankings, their traffic is steady and calls are plentiful. You say hey, we made it, our efforts worked! Let’s scale back and use this money elsewhere.

You cancel your ads, and those leads disappear—because they’re all going to Joan’s. You don’t update your content or build links anymore, so your organic rankings drop. Then you start to quickly see the traffic decrease and phone go silent. Though you might have thought that restructuring your budget was beneficial, the benefits of a strong internet marketing campaign far outweigh the negatives.

At the end of the year, you’re faced with difficult budget decisions. You want to make the right moves, and sticking with your internet marketing will pay off in the end. When you want to talk about it, call our offices and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have.