And The Good Ol’ Facebook Vs. Google Battle Continues…In Advertising…

google vs facebook

If you were to type in “Facebook” in Google and then click “News,” one of the articles that would show up (depending upon when you read this blog entry) is one on the Small Business Trends website that is “Google Versus Facebook Advertising:  A Power Play With Atlas.”  As an Internet Marketing Expert, I, Lance Bachmann, have seen the ongoing battle between Facebook and Google happening for years.  While Google is certainly the search king, Facebook is the social media king (although it looks like they are both trying hard for both titles these days).  Also, while you might think that they are different (one is a social media site and the other a search engine) they have recently become very much alike.  One of the things that definitely makes them alike is that they both allow for businesses to advertise on their respective platforms.

While the article I read speculates that Facebook may surpass Google in terms of its advertising capabilities with its new “Atlas” platform (something new on Facebook that tracks users every move while logged on Facebook—thus allowing businesses to target more potential customers) I honestly believe that it won’t make that much more of an impact then their “advertising” capabilities have done in the past.  However, one reason why I might see Facebook surpassing Google (eventually) is because a lot of people access Facebook on their phone or mobile device.  In fact, as of the time I am writing this post, a recent article featured on has indicated that Google has still not figured out the key to mobile advertising…

While I believe that Google is certainly winning the battle as far as desktop-based ads go, mobile is a different story.  People may be more inclined to make a purchase on Facebook through one of their mobile ads especially if they see that one of their friends has already made a purchase.

Facebook offers a trust factor that Google cannot offer—at least not offer like Facebook does.

Who will win a few years down the road?  Only time will tell, but this battle is sure to continue for years…

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