The week is almost over but my sister and I, Lance Bachmann are still jet lagged from the trip we took together last weekend. We both love traveling, it’s probably one of our favorite tasks to do in the SEO industry. Whenever we have a chance to travel for pleasure instead of business, you will see us jump on the opportunity in a heartbeat. Now a few months back I went over everything we had to do and would most likely have to do for the months of October, November and December. The work load is always heavy but it’s not showing any signs of getting lighter in the near future.

This is when I decided to plan a trip for my sister, a few friends and myself. I knew stress from work was going to be extra heavy these few months and that it would be beneficial to try and block it out for a few days and get away. Our choice of destination was a simple one to make for me. Ever since we were kids my sister Jolin always talked about leaving the country and seeing new cultures, trying knew foods and wanted to escape her comfort zone. Friday morning the 4 of us left the Philadelphia airport and after some hours sleeping on the plane we safely landed in Amsterdam.

As soon as we stepped off the plane the people were amazing, and of course we stuck out as American tourists but the kindness we were met with is hard to describe. The food and nightlife scene were incredible and the old fashion taverns we visited were so relaxed and laid back. The time difference was 6 hours but we came home Monday so we never really adapted to their time zone. This also means we had a lot of fun because we didn’t really sleep a lot. The memories I made with family and friends this past weekend will last forever and I needed every second of it.