Catch, Release-Then Catch Them Again

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Summer is an excellent time to go fishing so I’m going to use it as an analogy for . I always recommend that our new clients incorporate PPC in to new Digital Marketing programs. PPC has many advantages including the ability to pay for top ad space while SEO efforts are kicking in. So where does the fishing come in?

Get your rod and reelSet up an AdWords Account
Bait your lineAdd the right keywords to your account to attract your customers
Cast your lineWrite a great ad and let it run
WaitWait for your customers to click on your ads
Fish aren’t biting? Reel in slowly or move the bait around so the fish think the bait is alive or trycasting in a different place.Not getting conversions? Try different ad copy, adjust bids, add negative keywords, pause low performing keywords or make other adjustments to improve performance.
Catch a fishConvert a customer with some form of contact either by phone, email or contact box.
Release the fishThe customer left your site without converting. You’re not actually letting them go. They are the ones getting away.

The chances of catching the same fish a second time are probably pretty slim, but with PPC there is a way to continue showing your ads after someone has left your site. Remarketing is one of my favorite campaign types, it allows you to show ads to past visitors of your site by reinforcing your brand or message and increasing the chances that they will come back to your site and convert. These past visitors have already shown an interest in your site. Remarketing a great way to remind them that you have something they are interested in once they have already left your site.

Remarketing works by placing a tag on your site. Every time someone visits your site, a cookie is placed on their computer. With this cookie, past visitors are added to your audience. You can create different audiences to show targeted ads to the type of visitor they were. In the case of the fish that got away (did not convert) you may want to show ads that offer a special or discount. In the case of previous visitors who did convert, you may want to show them an ad for an upcoming sale or a new product you may be launching. The whole point of Remarketing is to bring them back to the site and turn them in to first-time or repeat customers. So get in a couple more fishing trips before the summer is over and catch a few more customers with Remarketing. The AdWords and Analytics Certified staff at can get you started with a remarketing campaign to supplement an existing account or get you started with a brand new account. Call us to day to find out how you can reel them back in.

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