Lance Bachmann – the brand

As much I am Lance Bachmann, business man, father, fun guy – I am also Lance Bachmann, the brand.  I have to remember that each time I post on Facebook, that it’s more than just fun, its business and networking as well.

Do you consider Facebook as just another recreational activity, or do you think of it as a powerful networking tool?

No matter what you think of it, there is probably one thing that you should know—you are being monitored.  Not monitored in the sense that your every move is really being tracked (well, maybe it is) but how you interact with your friends, the posts you like and the pages you become a fan of are being tracked.

It also seems that Facebook is in the news again for something called their “emotional manipulation study.”  From an article that I read recently, Facebook was (is) able to change which “positive” or “negative” posts by users or brand pages appear in a user’s Newsfeed.  Also, for those that “interact” with these posts, Facebook was (is) able to assess your feelings at that moment in time.  Seems odd to me, but how can Facebook really gauge how you are feeling unless you leave a post yourself?  Technology never ceases to amaze me…

So, in the end, this “emotional manipulation study” was implemented to have better “consumer data.”   Well, that always appears to be their reasoning behind everything they do—they are constantly trying to figure out how they can have Facebook advertisers make their next sale.

So, where am I going with this?

Well, what are your thoughts on this social media king and how they are always trying to manipulate you into being a consumer? 

From a business perspective, I think Facebook is great for brand awareness.  But, I am not into doing the Ads…then again, how is Facebook going to make a profit?