Today is the day, football and mountains of food all through the Lance Bachmann household.

I, and the rest of the Bachmann family wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels during the holiday. The entire house has been filled with the delicious fragrance of apple pie, pumpkin bread and of course turkey. To make sure each and every friend or family member is satisfied with dinner, my family goes all out by providing not only turkey but also a huge spiral ham. Emily cooked it last night for a few hours, she made a brown sugar, cinnamon and butter glaze and let the ham simmer and marinade slowly. Topping it off of course with fresh slices of pineapple, which together with the marinade made the perfect gravy for after the ham was sliced and served.

Before we started the preparations this week for turkey day, Emily, LJ and I decided to enjoy the night and everything this time of season has to offer. Now not far from our house is a local farm, in fact it’s the same farm we visited earlier to pick pumpkins for Halloween. The owners of this property love the holidays just as much as I do. From November to the New Years, they show off what they got by displaying it for everyone to enjoy. It’s hard to describe the magnitude of their operation, for the scale of this project is enormous. There’s no way to walk through the light show of this size, instead you and your family sit comfortably in the car while driving through this holiday wonderland. From start to finish this holiday attraction takes about a half an hour to complete and when you see the look on your child’s eyes it’s worth every second.

Afterwards, we returned home to continue another Bachmann tradition. Which involves our sons getting 1 new ornament for the Christmas tree. Each year that has passed has its very own ornament and starting from youngest to oldest the decorating begins. Last year LJ was too young to actually hang up his first Christmas ornament so my oldest son Andrew took over the responsibility. This year however my little man was more than able to hang up his own ornaments, and loved taking up the task. The holiday force runs strong in the ever growing Bachmann family and for that reason I gave LJ a Yoda ornament for his second Christmas.