Let the Leaves Fall

peddlers village

It’s that time of year again, the hot summer days are behind us and the cold winter months are closing in fast. My family and I, Lance Bachmann, love autumn and try to embrace every second of it. This fall season will include a completely new experience for me in a very special way. The leaves have begun changing colors and front yards are over run with pumpkins including my own, except this year my 1 year old son was in charge of choosing them.

As the leaves fall this year, I get to see everything for the first time again through my son’s eyes. We walk through the produce market hand and hand as I watch amazement come over his face when we come across the scarecrows. He stands there pointing at them and looking up at me with a smile, so of course we now have a scarecrow in our front yard. My son was immediately drawn to the pumpkins, and with the vast amount of sizes they come in. I decided that since this year would be his first Halloween, it would be his choice on the pumpkin we take home. Needless to say we now have pumpkins of all shapes and sizes out front of our house, every time he pointed at one and clapped or laughed I grabbed it. All the love I have for this season can also be seen through his eyes as they spot something new.

Last weekend we decided to take a family trip down to Peddlers Village for the day. Every year during this time the little town is decorated for Halloween in full force. Scarecrows can be found on almost every corner, pumpkins line the streets and people in the holiday spirit walk around in costumes. All around us our senses were picking up the smells of warm apple cinnamon cider and everything from pumpkin spice cakes to pumpkin coffee. The cool autumn breeze was carrying leaves past us, and my son on my shoulders laughing while trying to catch them was priceless.

Family is the most important thing to me, so even with long hours and late nights at the office, I make it a point to spend time with them every single day. My son will grow up remembering the sights, smells and tastes of the autumn days spent with dad, and hopefully pass on the same traditions to his son someday.

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