Will Google lose the search engine market due to Yahoo and Firefox becoming friends?

It was recently announced that Mozilla has decided to make Yahoo their default search engine.  This might seem shocking to most as many see it as impossible to prevent Google from being at the forefront of everything.  In fact, those who use the Firefox browser will notice the change sometime throughout the month of December.

So, if you prefer Google as your default search engine you better adjust those settings ASAP!

How did they do it?

Well, Yahoo was able to wiggle their way into the default position by convincing the Mozilla team that they would be able to help “update” the browser’s look and functionality.  In fact, as part of the deal, Yahoo representatives are working alongside Mozilla to make sure that they meet all of Mozilla’s expectations that were disclosed in their deal.  Also, not to mention Google’s deal with Firefox was up this year, and Yahoo jumped right on the opportunity to work with them by offering something innovative.

This is a great opportunity for Yahoo because right now, Google is killing it in the search market.  In fact, over 65% of all searches are performed on Google, and only around 10% is done on Yahoo.  Finding out whether or not people end up using Yahoo over Google will have to wait, but I have a feeling some of the numbers I mentioned above may shift come December.

Stay tuned…