The Influence of Sports on Social Media

twitter on a football

Due to the impact of social media on your audience, I like to stay up to date on trending topics. It’s October, you know what’s trending? The World Series. In my mind, I’m not big on baseball unless the Phillies are involved. Current Phillies I mean. Shane Victorino made his mark in Boston last October, and you saw what Hunter Pence did the other night. That’s what the Phillies have become.

It’s fun to see the kind of interaction and influence that sports have on our culture. Debates and statements are being made left and right, every second of the day on Twitter and Facebook, all you have to do is follow the hashtag: #WorldSeries. You can instantly join millions of people who want to discuss what is on your mind.

Though there aren’t any direct influences of social media on your SEO and internet marketing—yet—the platforms are great referrals. That’s why I stress its importance. When you have a business, you want to engage with your audience, and talk with others about industry related topics. Social media is a great start. No matter if you want to see the latest buzz in internet marketing or plumbing, social media is the place to start.

I’m active on all social media platforms, interacting with my connections on LinkedIn, posting pictures on Facebook, sharing news and updates on Twitter and Google+. They all serve their purpose in my life, from personal to professional, and I like to mix and match the two.

Twitter almost broke last night with the amount of people tweeting their disgust for Joe Buck and Harold Reynolds in the broadcast booth. Give them a break! I don’t mind watching a good game of America’s Pastime, but with the Royals and Giants in the dance, I’m counting down to the battle on the gridiron this weekend with two teams sitting at 5-1.

My Eagles are playing the Arizona Cardinals. It’s a big game for the Eagles, who need to keep pace with Dallas, and it’s a big game for the Cardinals who need to separate themselves from San Fran and Seattle. We’ll see how it plays out, and social media will be buzzing.

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