There is nothing better than reading a great story.  In my opinion, there is also nothing better than watching a GREAT MOVIE.  How about that Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out in just a few days!  I’m excited!  While I have always been a fan of the Superman movies, and thus the DC universe, I still cannot deny the brilliant storytelling that Marvel Studios has done ever since the first Iron Man movie came out back in 2008.

The thing that keeps me coming back to watch every new installment is that the content is exciting, the visuals are great, and you get what you pay for.

Having A Great Story Often Sells

While it might appear that ordinary storytelling via a book or movie is vastly different than SEO content writing, one thing that they have in common is that in order to truly make that online “sale” you need to have great content that persuades a person to keep reading (plus a good design for your website!)

If someone were to come to your website and read technical jargon, content that makes absolutely little to no sense, content that is stuffed with keywords, plus has the same old content that they’ve already seen elsewhere…  Why would they be inclined browse through the rest of your website?

A lot of the time, if I see a movie with a concept, characters, etc. that has been done over and over again, I probably won’t feel like watching it.  Well, maybe I will watch a few minutes and then turn the movie off…

What I am saying is this:  if you don’t take the time to figure out what separates your business from others that do exactly what you do (though great storytelling) you will probably be unable to make a sale or get any leads.  People are often fascinated with something that they have never seen, heard, or read before.  Figure out what separates you, write it down, and present it in a way that will leave someone mesmerized and wanting more.

Less than a year until the next Avengers movie comes out!  Can’t wait to see what Marvel has in store for us this time!!!