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"Lance understands the importance of returning their faith and support by giving back"

Community Involvement

When Lance isn’t busy growing his nationally-recognized company, taking care of his clients business needs, or spending time with his family, he’s giving back to his community. As the President of an agency whose success derives from the hard work of local businesses and entrepreneurs, Lance understands the importance of returning their faith and support by giving back to the community, utilizing his platform to leave a positive, lasting impact on the Philadelphia community that help make him the man he is today.

Lance’s community involvements include: 

Beat the Streets Philadelphia

Beat the Streets is a sports-based youth development nonprofit program in Philadelphia committed to establishing youth wrestling programs in the Philly metropolitan region. The organization fosters the development of student-athletes living in at-risk and under-served communities by providing supportive resources for wrestling, as well as academic tutoring programs throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

As a Beat The Streets Mentor, Lance has the opportunity to work alongside the program’s student-athletes at a pivotal point in their lives, offering guidance and financial assistance, to ensure they are on the right trajectory both in school, athletic contests, and outside of the classroom.

BTSP strives to instill the core values of grit, compassion, service and teamwork in its student athletes, values which Lance holds near and dear to his heart and works to instill in every employee who walks through the door to join his team. 

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The YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) is a movement and an organization committed to combating racism and promoting greater health, education, and empowerment among women and girls in over 120 countries. Steadfastly committed to his family and faith, Lance strives to inspire young women to follow their dreams and fight discrimination in both the workplace and the world at large.

In 2016, Lance and the team partnered with Pretty in Paint Parties and got into the holiday spirit by throwing a paint party for the children at Bucks County YWCA. About 30 children who are enrolled in the YWCA’s after-school homework program showed up for the party and were showered with pizza and treats prepared by the staff. The staff proved that they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and jumped right in to help the children with their masterpieces.

Lance even bought holiday gifts for each child to take home – sketch books and crayons, in keeping with the “art party” theme!

Mentor for Youths in Philadelphia

Lance is also heavily invested in mentoring at-risk and under-served youths who come from a variety of backgrounds and difficult life circumstances. Having  experienced what it takes to rise to the top against all odds, first-hand, Lance understands the importance of sharing his unique perspective to help inspire young individuals to not get lost in the noise of their upbringing, shift their focus to their passions, and use their past as the power that drives their hunger to tell their story and find personal success.

For Lance Bachmann, it’s not about where you come from so long as you’re willing to work harder than everyone else to get to where you want to be in life. It’s no secret that Lance had to earn every aspect of the life he currently enjoys, and he’ll always be the first to tell those who cross his path that he had to fight for his seat at the table every step of the way.

Now, having the ability to leave a positive mark on the lives of the misguided youth across the Greater Philadelphia region was not going to be an opportunity that Lance would fail to take advantage of for the greater good of the next generation.

Broad Axe Wrestling Club

Beyond his many business ventures and philanthropic endeavors, Lance Bachmann is heavily involved in youth sports across the community, coaching his sons in baseball and wrestling. As such, Lance is an owner of the Broad Axe Wrestling Club, providing the area’s youth with a top notch wrestling facility, instruction, and athletic development.

For Lance, wrestling is a lot like business. Though wrestling is a team sport, each match comes down to the performance of each individual to go out there and do their job. Win or lose, the outcome reflects the determination and preparation for each wrestler. Something Lance always tells his sons before they compete is that they may not be the fastest, or the strongest, but if they go out and work harder than their opponent, they can never be beaten, on or off the mat.

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