Remembering Robin Williams


I, like most of the world, was shocked to hear about the tragic passing of Robin Williams. I was even more in shock that he took his own life. It is hard to imagine a man who gave others such amazing gifts like laughter and joy was suffering so deeply.

My life is filled with memories of watching his movies, even going back to his television appearances. Mork and Mindy was on in my house as a kid and was where I was introduced to Robin Williams the funny man. The goofy suspenders I’ll be willing to bet most kids from the 80’s had a pair of. It was silly, but the genius was totally there that would be apparent later in his career.

After he left television, he did some great stand up specials for HBO and I remember watching those and being entertained. I felt comfortable knowing watching Robin Williams would make me happy and I  would laugh.

Later in his career he made some classic movies that will exist for years to come: Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam,  Patch Adams, even Popeye! Along the way he did serious roles that blew the viewer away, including his Oscar winning role in Good Will Hunting. He even made a comment that it was probably the first time in his life he was speechless.

In fact, Robin Williams was always on, and always willing to make someone happy and laugh and enjoy life. Life is going to be a little sadder without him to entertain the world. I plan to show his movies to my son when he is older and watch his face light up with delight and take in a genius and genuine man that gave us everything until he couldn’t give anymore.

One note of positivity in this unfortunate situation is it brings to light the seriousness of Depression and the risks of lossing loved ones to the illness of Depression and even ultimately to suicide. Hopefully we can treat people suffering with respect and let them know it’s never too late or too desperate to give up. There is always a hand, an ear, or open arms to help. Taking your life it not the answer, being open and reaching out is. If you know someone who is near to you and is feeling depressed, get them to get help and if someone is close to potentially taking their own life, you or they should immediately contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

The world does not need to lose another treasure.

Rest In Peace Robin Williams.

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